Strange call for elections from Trump: Vote twice

US President Donald Trump urged voters to vote twice during his visit to North Carolina, one of the critical states, in the November presidential elections.
Stating that hundreds of thousands of voters do not like voting by mail, Trump said that those who voted in this way should go to the ballot box once and test whether their first vote is counted.

It is illegal to vote twice in the US elections.

Trump has made several claims that postal voting will cheat the elections and benefit Democrats.

The opposition accuses Trump of trying to undermine trust in the electoral system.

When asked whether a reporter from the local Wilmington channel WECT trusts the postal voting system in the state, Trump answered:

"They will go and vote, and they will have to go to the ballot box and check their votes by voting, because if it appears on the chart, they will not be able to vote at the ballot box ... So let them send their votes and go and vote, if the system is as good as they say, they cannot do it."

Addressing the public later, Trump said, "Send your votes, but go (to the ballot box) and vote. If they haven't counted the other, you can vote."

CNN's selection expert, Professor of Law, New York University. Richard Pildes said that in terms of public policy, Trump's comments "will cause a great deal of confusion". WHAT DOES PUBLIC OPPOSITION SAY? Polls in August show that the gap between Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for a second term in the presidency, and Joe Biden, the Democratic Party's candidate, is beginning to close. Before the annual national conventions that approve the presidential candidates of the two parties, Biden appears to be 52 percent to 42 percent 10 points ahead of Trump, while a public opinion poll after the congresses are over shows that this difference has decreased from 50 percent to 44 percent to 6 points.

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